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68. Learn 100 new words.

1. viridian–a blue-green pigment (Source: Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones. I really feel like I should have known this already. Oh well, I do now.)

2. orogeny–the process of mountain building (Source: Understanding Earth, one of the textbooks we’re using for our integrated science course.)

3. couchant–lying down; crouching (Source: Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones. Love that I’m learning new words from a book marketed to children. Makes me feel ignorant, but I love it anyway.)

4. outre–unconventional; bizarre (Source: The Canon by Natalie Angier. Totally in love with this word.)

5. chthonic–relating to deities, spirits, and other being dwelling beneath the earth (Source: The Canon by Natalie Angier.)

6. bleb–blister; bubble (Source: The Canon by Natalie Angier.)

7. spoliation–the act of plundering or despoiling (Source: I can’t remember.)

8. hortatory–urging to some course of conduct or action; encouraging (Source: “A Problem From Hell”: America and the Age of Genocide by Samantha Power)




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