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a few odds and ends…

38. Give away 100 boxes or bags of things to library, charity store, etc.

I am in such a “get rid of stuff” sort of mood lately. I did a quick weeding out of the big bookcase in our bedroom yesterday, and managed to fill up a fairly large box of books to take to the library. But then Annie came along and pulled out a pile to keep for herself…*sigh*…so I went back to the bookcase and forced myself to find more to get rid of to fill the box back up. And we actually managed to take the box to the library that very day.



42. Take photos of 100 different wild animals.


The garter snakes are out of hibernation! April 1st may be the earliest date I’ve ever seen a garter snake out and about. And I didn’t just see one, but three! 🙂 Sadly, this was the best photo I could manage, as I didn’t have the “real” camera with me.



52. Send 100 postcards.


Another postcard off to Jill. I am having ever so much fun with our little streak of one-word messages. 🙂




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