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45. Make 100 gifts for friends.


My dear friend Eva’s birthday is in April, and I made this cross-stitch butterfly as part of her gift this year. It reminds me of her for its nod to nature and for the light teal colors (which aren’t showing up quite true in this photo). I so very much hope she likes it!


One of these bookmarks is also part of her birthday gift, wrapped around a bookish gift certificate. I made these bookmarks from the leftovers of the fabric I made to make Mom’s tote ( below).



46. Make 100 gifts for family.


I started making this tote for Mom last year. It took far longer than I’d imagined it would, but I suppose that’s because fibro only lets me sew for short periods at any one time. The longest part by far was making the scrappy fabric fabric from which the outer tote, the straps, and the inner pocket are made. It was definitely a fun project, one that actually turned out just like the picture I’d imagined in my head. And of course, best of all, I know that Mom is going to love it. Seriously, it is so her.

And those bookmarks above–Mom gets one of those too.



55. Make 100 Project Life layouts.


From the last week of February. Yeah, just a bit behind.





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