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switching gears…

I have been feeling overwhelmingly nostalgic and sentimental lately. Lots of reasons for that, Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon being a big one. It does it to me every time. So many things I miss about those early days, obviously, first and foremost, I miss Dewey herself. But it goes beyond that. Yep, times change, people change, blah, blah, blah. And I swear I don’t think change is the enemy. (Fuck, this world needs more change than I could ever fully expound upon…but that isn’t the point of this particular ramble.) I’ve actually lost count of how many times I’ve changed blogs. I’m not even really sure what I was hoping to make better with a fresh start. Because as I look back now, it is so freakin’ obvious to me that I was NEVER as happy with my tiny little blogging life as I was with that very first simple little blog, nothing of importance.

I tried to go back and just revive that blog this morning, but found I couldn’t. I cannot figure out how to get to that old account. So I’ve decided to just bring that spirit back here. Where I’m just my old neurotic self, getting excited (often overly so) about a hundred different things, talking about books in all my unsophisticated glory, sharing the pieces of my life that make me me, rambling and babbling to my heart’s content.

Not giving up my 100x100by100 project (’cause duh, I love my silly projects!), just not making it the sole focus of this blog anymore.



just a middle-aged lady who gets giddy about lots of things

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