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because I can’t stop myself…

And hey, I don’t really want to stop myself. Andi, along with Melissa, had yet another fab idea, the Smash Your Stack event. The general idea behind it is knocking down your TBR piles a bit during the month of May. But they’re totally flexible as to how you want to tackle it. I haven’t been doing wonderfully this year with #readmyowndamnbooks (another of Andi’s brainchildren), nor I have been sucking it up so bad that I’ve got no hope of redemption. If I can really focus on my own books this month, I’ve got a shot of getting back on track.

So here’s the pile of books I’ve got in mind:

photo (4)

Now, I don’t expect to read that entire pile. And I need to throw in the caveat that I’m not counting stuff read for homeschooling. I already have Love That Boy started, and I’m just dying to read Rat Queens, but the bottom eight books on this pile are from my happiness project. It’s been a while since I’ve really focused on this project, and I’ve been missing it. So I went through all the book lists that my friends so generously put together for me and chose one from each. (Hmmm…if we’re going to get technical, Small Gods isn’t really my book; it’s Rich’s. But I sort of figure that his books are my books if I want to read them, so it counts. 😉 )

Small Gods–from Ana‘s list/Looking for Bapu–from Chris‘s list/Freaky Green Eyes–from Annie’s list/Hate List–from Heather‘s list/Shooting the Boh–from Eva‘s list/Anne of Green Gables–from Kelly‘s list/The Coming Plague–from Kara’s list/Spillover–from Rich’s list

I would love to kick some major butt on this, but if it doesn’t happen, well, I’m none the worse off, right?



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3 thoughts on “because I can’t stop myself…

  1. What a lovely project!! Love the books in your stack. I have heard such good things about Rat Queens but haven’t read it yet. Anne of Green Gables is a great one, loved the series! Don’t think I know the other ones so I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts! It’s always a pleasure to have a great selection to choose from, hope you’ll have fun with #smashyourstack!!


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