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a week in the life, day one…

witlI honestly had no intention of starting to put together my album until the week was over. But it was one “how about I just print those couple of pictures” here, and one “I should just type that bit of journaling” there, and before I knew it, I had half the day done and couldn’t resist just finishing it up. It’s unlikely I’ll keep this up through the week, but I’ll just share my days as I do finish them. (And hopefully I’ll be able to capture better pictures on future days; my usual glare-free spot for photographing just wasn’t so glare-free today.)

Nothing fancy. Nothing clever. Nothing new. Just some tidbits from our life. Tidbits that we’ll love looking at in the years to come.

I am so very grateful that I bought the kit from Ali’s shop. This is something I don’t usually do because I just can’t afford to, but I decided to splurge and spend my birthday money. So. Glad. I. Did. Talk about simplifying the process.

I haven’t done anything with the cover of the album yet or made a title page, but here are my day one pages:


Have always loved the look of enlarged photos in people’s albums, but rarely do it myself. And the day of the week letters in the kit are pretty much perfect for layering on top. I’ve decided to use these little day of the week stamps to sprinkle throughout for continuity. They’re another Ali product, but not from the kit. On the facing page, I’m capturing our morning routines. Each day of the week is similar in many ways, but also differ a bit depending on the day of the week. (There probably won’t be as much journaling here on future days, as I’ll likely just talk about what makes the morning routine different.)


I don’t plan to do an entire page on what we eat for each day, but I thought it good to include at least once. Not so much to show what we ate, but to show how very scattered our lives are many nights at this particular phase of life. The kit contains 7 of these cards–I just covered the days of the week up with a dymo label, which fit just perfectly, and added the journaling from the computer. Next comes the day divider (which came free when preordering the kit by a certain date). The only thing I added to the front side of it was another stamped Monday bit just for a spot of color.


On the back side of the divider, which is plain chipboard, I hope to attach a piece of “stuff” from each day. For Monday, that was a piece of the science test I made that morning, and Gray took that afternoon. On top I added the cute “hello Monday” chipboard piece that came with the kit. Then just a couple of pictures. I’m hoping to add a picture of everyday household chores to each day.


Included in the kit were 7 4×6 cards labeled “story of today,” and I decided to cover the today with another of the day-of-the-week stamps. And then have everyone tell me a mini story of their day. So simple, certainly nothing profound, but it may end up being my favorite part of the album–this little collection of tidbits. The chipboard stars are another Ali product, I think from one of her story kits, but I can’t remember for sure. The facing page is a half page, which I cut down from a larger page protector. (I’m sure you can buy them this way, but I already had plenty of the four-pocket ones, so I used them.) I hope to capture a screen shot of the weather forecast each day.


And finally, on the back side of the half-page, a record of my reading for the day (because this is Bout of Books 16). And then ending the day with another enlarged photo. The embellishments are both from the kit.

In a sense, this is a really hard project; it takes dedication for sure. But wow, already I can tell it’s worth it. Yep, Ali Edwards is still a goddess in my book.



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3 thoughts on “a week in the life, day one…

  1. Yeah, I use my printer. It’s an Epson XP-820. It does go through a lot of ink, and if I bought Epson ink for it, it would cost a fortune. But I buy generic cartridges that fit it so it ends up being pretty inexpensive. Yes, I agree–it is SO MUCH EASIER to do Project Life and stuff like this when you can print your photos at home!


  2. What do you use to print your pics off? Something at your house, I assume… Is it good on ink? I would be better at this stuff if I could print from home!


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