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these days…



*Panicking a bit over how fast the new school year is approaching, and how ill-prepared I am for the start of a new homeschool year. And btw, how the hell can he be in 11th grade?!!


*Reading, or I should say rereading, The Gunslinger. It’s been so long (30+ years) since I first read it. I read the first three in The Dark Tower series as they came out, but then gave up. Not because I didn’t like the books themselves, but because I hated the long wait between each. I have to admit though, that I’m having a hard time getting into The Gunslinger this time around. Not quite sure if it’s the book itself or just a matter of having so much else on my mind these days. Going to try to stick with it a bit longer though, and hopefully get through a couple more of them before the film comes out in February. There are aren’t many people I’d brave an actual movie theater to see, but Idris Elba is definitely one of the few. (Edited: I decided to just bag it. I’m too old to spend my time on books that aren’t doing it for me.)

Also rereading Economix by Michael Goodwin. Because this is the year we tackle economics as a course for Gray’s homeschooling, and this book is just so very excellent that I decided to use it as our introduction to the subject. But as I am trying to make a few handouts and assignments to go along with it, and because it is just so damn chock-full to the gills with important information, it’s taking me longer to get through this reread than I would have imagined.

Reading The City of Mirrors (the final book in Justin Cronin’s trilogy) aloud with Rich. But it’s very slow going. There are still two people ahead of us on the holds list for the audio book at the library, but maybe when we get it, we’ll be able to make better progress. To be honest, I’m not sure if I like where it feels like this book is headed. But it’s way too soon to judge, I suppose.


*Despising fibro, and IBS, and endometriosis. But bad stretches are eventually replaced by good stretches…so hooray for that!


*Missing friends. Both near and far. Note to self: Have Eva over very soon.




*Worrying about Max starting high school. I know I shouldn’t be. But I am.  A lot.


*Rejoicing for my dear mother-in-law. As this is public, and not my story to share, I can’t really explain. But suffice it to say that I am just so deeply, profoundly happy for the turn of events that has happened in my extended family over the last few weeks.


*Stressing over jury duty. Go to a completely unfamiliar place, be with lots of people you don’t know, have to talk and possibly even vocally disagree with other people…yeah, it’s a dream-come-true for someone with severe social anxiety. /sarcasm  Now if only I could end the nausea and shaking with a simple /.


*Baking a chocolate zucchini cake later this morning. And canning another batch of rhubarb jam. Thank you garden!


*Planning what to make as gifts for Christmas. But not making much progress on said plans. It’s already feeling like a burden instead of a joy…and that makes me sadder than I can say. Must make this the year I cut down on the overwhelming preparations! (And yes, I say that every year.)


*Needing to focus more on the good. Because really my life is full of so much good.





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10 thoughts on “these days…

  1. I don’t know if this will attach to your latest post or go into some general stream. I have no idea what’s up with Aunt Joyce but am glad to hear it’s good news. I’m also glad to read that you’re putting books you don’t find interesting aside. You have enough calls on your time to waste any on such things. Max heading into high school. Jeesh. Rich and I reconnected about the time Annie was looking at middle school–where have all those days, weeks, months, and years gone? Do not let Christmas and gifts get you down. You give so much of yourself personally that your friends would take that as a gift rather than something you make. Consider it a heart-made gift instead of a hand-made one. Sending love across the ether!

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    1. You are always so very sweet, my dear lady! I’ll email you one of these days and fill you in on the family situation, but yes, be very happy for her! It almost seems like a weird thing to be happy about, but it is what it is.


  2. Lots of stress sweet lady. 😦 Hope you can let some of it go!!

    And selfishly, I’m glad to hear that you abandoned The Gunslinger. Scott and I listened to it a few summers ago on a roadtrip and I ended up falling asleep (thankfully I wasn’t driving). He thought it was OK but I’ve wondered and wondered if I should go back to it. Since then I’ve talked to others who say to just skip it and move onto the next in the series and that it gets MUCH better. But I’m with you on Idris Elba. We are currently watching The Wire and oh goodness. 😉

    Take care of you. xo

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    1. LOL–yes, Stringer Bell is where my Idris love blossomed many years ago. 😉 Are you all enjoying The Wire? Damn, I love that show!
      Thanks for your kind words, Trish! I honestly hadn’t meant to sound so negative. Because really, truly I know that life is good! 😊


  3. Love the photo’s!! have had huge anxiety myself and it sucks lol.. Life sure isn’t what we thought it would be at times. So happy when it is! you are a miracle lady. trust me on that one!

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