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it’s the most wonderful time of year (the reading year, that is)…

Art by the oh-so-freakin’ talented Abigail Larson.

I try hard not to be overly nostalgic. I do not want to be one of those people who cannot accept change. And yet I can’t quite get there. When it comes to blogging, my longing for those early years in the book blogging world remains strong. And while we can’t really go back, there are certain things that make it feel as if we can. Carl’s RIP reading challenge is one of those things. And you know I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not the only one whose eyes filled with tears of gratitude this morning when I saw that Carl had announced RIP XI.

I always have the grandest plans of indulging to my heart’s content in the world of scary, creepy, mysterious books and movies, but life always gets in the way. (Back-to-school is always such a ridiculously busy time of year as we try yet again to get back in a groove that works for homeschooling and as we adjust to everyone’s new schedules; both the boys’ birthdays fall during RIP; I’m kicking things into high gear for Christmas gift making.) While I do finish at least 4 RIP-appropriate reads, I never quite seem to make the time to immerse myself quite as deeply as I’d like. I’ll hope to do better this year, while knowing it’s not likely. I can live with that.

As always, Carl, still and forever in my heart also known as the Challenge Host Extraordinaire, has provided us with a wonderful range of ways to participate. (But only 2 “rules”–to have fun and to share the fun. How awesome are those rules?!!) I personally am aiming to fulfill Peril the First (read 4 appropriately perilous books), Peril of the Short Story (read at least one appropriately perilous short story), Peril on the Screen (watch appropriately perilous stories on the big or small screen), and possibly Peril in Play (play appropriately perilous games, table or electronic).

I told myself that I was not going to make a pool of books this year, as I generally tear our bookcases apart and make massive piles of books, only to have to put them all away come November with but a small portion of them read. But you know what, I’m not sure I can help myself–it’s part of the fun! So expect a “pool post” tomorrow after I’ve finished wreaking havoc on my bedroom and library. 😉

As always, deep and sincere thanks to Carl. This is not a small amount of work he does. And while I know it’s a labor of love, it’s a labor nonetheless. And I always feel so grateful to be a recipient of his generosity of time. Thank you, Carl!!!



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13 thoughts on “it’s the most wonderful time of year (the reading year, that is)…

  1. I started too recently to have enjoyed the golden days of book blogging, but everywhere there are traces of that time and I’m sorry I missed it. It does seem to me though that what remains is very high quality. Enjoy R.I.P!


  2. It is the most wonderful time of year, isn’t it. Once Sept rolls around, regardless of the actual temperatures, I start seeing things through Autumn-tinted glasses, and that lasts until winter rolls in and I love and embrace that season as well. Ah, it is good to be alive and kicking.

    Thanks for all your wonderful thoughts. I don’t think there is anything wrong with being overly nostalgic…mostly because I am a whole lotta that myself, most especially during this last third of the year.

    I hope you can revel in some peril despite the busyness of this time of year for you. And I hope that you can enjoy every aspect of the busyness as well.

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  3. I’m homeschooling for the first time this year. At one time it was no problem to finish 4 books in 2 months, but I’m not sure it will happen for me during this year’s challenge! Enjoy your reading! 🙂


    1. Congratulations on your homeschooling adventure! If your experiences turn out to be anything like ours, you will find it at times overwhelming difficult and exhausting yet always extremely rewarding and pretty darn awesome. 😊 I hope you manage to squeeze in some “me time” to enjoy RIP! 👻


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