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life is good, life is good, life is good…

on repeat…ad infinitum…or at least until it crowds out the other crap trying to control my mood. It’s not that I don’t think it’s okay to give the not-so-good stuff space, but I’m letting it take over more often than I’d like. Some pretty major financial worries, some stupid health issues, and the overwhelmed feeling that always comes as the school year is about to start–it’s not that I want to ignore them. It’s that I don’t want to allow them to create this weight that then darkens my whole attitude, that leaves me feeling cranky, that causes me to turn the small stuff like ruined plans or a splattered mirror after just cleaning the bathroom into matters worth crying or cursing over. Because you know what, LIFE IS GOOD. And the damn laundry is going to wait to be hung until I’ve made a list of the stuff that deserves my attention. The good stuff.

*The spectacular weather the last few days. Perfection. Utter perfection.

*This sweet little goldfinch in the coffee shop parking lot the other day. I must have sat watching him for close to ten minutes. He was just so intent on getting every last seed from this coneflower.


*Max finishing his summer homework with days to spare. Getting him to do homework during the school year is bad enough, so I wasn’t looking forward to battles that might ensue having to do so much over summer. I frankly think what they assigned was overkill (not just reading a decent sized book, but a big writing assignment to go with it, plus a big packet of other miscellaneous assignments)…I mean I thought it was supposed to be summer break. Ah, but welcome to high school, I guess. And the point is Max not only did it all with little complaint, he put in more than his typical “as little effort as possible” to get by. Proud of him.

*The beauty of dead flowers.


*All things RIP. I ended up making a book pool after all. It’s excessive. As usual. Just the way I love it. And this picture doesn’t include the next-in-the-series Marti McAlister book I ordered from PaperbackSwap or the handful of holds I put in at the library. Yes, excess is the way to go when it comes to RIP.


*I’ve hit the point where I’m eager for autumn’s arrival. I love all the seasons, and tend to have a hard time letting go of the current one. That is, until something clicks and I find myself ready to revel in all the wonderful things of the season to come. That something clicked, and I am so happy to be welcoming the early signs of autumn. Goldenrod and turning leaves and shorter daylight hours…

*Listening to Annie’s and Gray’s shared laughter as they watched videos on YouTube last night.

*The wondrous colors of sunsets.


Yes, I am blessed. And life is good.





just a middle-aged lady who gets giddy about lots of things

8 thoughts on “life is good, life is good, life is good…

  1. Wow.. that looks like more books than I have read so far this year! my reading is crawling though so I hope I get thru RIP! Fantastic photo’s Debi! you should make “blank cards” with them for presents!! .. I wish I was more like you and could really get myself to think of the positives.. been too long a pessimist I guess *sigh*..but your posts make me feel good!!!


    1. LOL–yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s more than I’ve read all year too. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming big, right? 😉
      Thank you for the kind words about my pictures–like I said before, coming from you lady, who takes such beautiful photos, that makes me feel mighty good!
      I wish you could think about the positives too, Pat. *HUGS* I count myself really, really lucky that I’ve got such an optimistic streak in me. I’m not sure if that’s the sort of thing we have much control over or not. I do know that it helps me when I’m feeling low to work at looking for the good, but I’m not sure if that’s because I do tend to have that optimistic streak to start with or not.


  2. ugh, goldenrod is such a bad allergen. lol That is definitely not something I look forward to in regards to fall, but I do enjoy the autumn and am excited that it is here. Mackie and I went for a walk last night and I had to grab a coat. Not to mention the reading at this time of year… And the other wonderful things this season has in store!


    1. Oh Kelly, I’m sorry you’ve got allergies! I’m so lucky because I’ve never had to deal with them at all, so I just get to enjoy all the beautiful things in nature instead of suffering from some of them.
      But I do hope you enjoy everything else that autumn has to offer!!! 🍁🎃🍂


  3. Ah, this weather is perfect. I’m actually a huge summer lover inclined to depression as fall comes creeping in, but it’s so refreshing to have the windows open and have cooler air breezing inside. I find I’ve been a little too easily eaten up by my stresses lately too, and they do get bigger the more you look at them! I hope things get easier on you soon, but until then, thanks for the reminder to focus on the good stuff!

    PS – that goldfinch picture is sooooo awesome!!


    1. I feel so lucky that I pretty much adore all the seasons (even if I am most partial to winter), and don’t tend get depressed during some seasons as a lot of people do. I hope this autumn turns out to the exception, Megan, and you find lots of things to enjoy! And I really, really hope that your current stresses ease up! *HUGS*
      Thank you! It’s definitely one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. And I feel like I somehow cheated–he just made such a cooperative subject as he was just so intent on getting those seeds. 😉


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