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today’s little happies…

*Sleeping with the window open and enjoying those crisp low 50s temps.

*Feeling productive by getting loads of school prep done today.

*Loading up photos from our walk at High Acres Natural Area yesterday.

*Chatting about other perspectives with a dear friend. So nice to have that implicit safety of disagreeing and learning with someone you trust.

*Having one of my favorite meals for supper tonight–mac and cheese bake, broccoli, and cantaloupe slices.

*Not having a single bout of nausea today. *knocks on wood*

*Anticipating finishing up Stranger Things with Rich this evening.


just a middle-aged lady who gets giddy about lots of things

5 thoughts on “today’s little happies…

  1. I love, love, love your photo’s! and thanks for the reminder how dang hot it is down here and almost never changes! I can’t remember the last time I opened my window!!! (Its been a few years at least) I can’t even imagine 50 degrees!!! Happiness is a cool night to sleep in!! woot!


    1. Thank you! That means a lot coming from you, who takes such incredibly beautiful photos!
      And I’m so sorry for rubbing it in–I swear I didn’t mean to! Your weather would make me a miserable cranky person, I’m afraid. I hate the heat so much! It makes me so sad that you never get to open your windows.


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